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Yoga and Pilates Blue Cruise in Turkey

Yoga – Pilates & Yacht Tour
Now yoga lovers can enjoy all pluses of yacht charter Turkey together with their favorite activity. These people prefer to do yoga on the sunsets and dawns, it’s wonderful to do this on the deck of the beautiful ship or in desolated bays. Great number of vessels has all necessary yoga equipment, so tourists won’t have any problems. Different yoga mats, belts, pillows, blankets and incenses
Yoga Yacht Tour – Turkey and Greece
Yoga on Yacht
Yoga cruise means salluting the sun in sunrise and sunset
So, we would like to tell you about our blue cruise Turkey. First of all our group arrived in Marmaris, this is a famous town-port and we were there at 8 pm. Here we were welcomed by the representatives of Tum Tour Yachting and by two sailors. Soon we were on our way to the yacht, these respectful gentlemen helped us with our luggage. There were a lot of small cafes and pubs at the port. All these places were full of happy tourists from various countries and this fact meant that the summer season had just started. Then came the moment when we saw our yacht, we were stunned and amazed. The name of our gulet was Vest 1 Sevil, it’s length was 32 meters and had 8 different cabins.
Image of Vesta 1 Sevil - Suitable Yoga Tour Yacht
Image of Vesta 1 Sevil – Suitable Yoga Tour Yacht
When we got a little bit close to our vessel we saw our captain and chef, they were waiting for us on the deck. The name of the assistant sailor was Muhammet Köse. Deniz Bilgic stood nearby the first one and was one more sailor of this gulet. The name of the captain was Duran Alan, this was a really experienced professional that worked for Tum Tour Yacht Charter for 19 years, he had been the captain of this particular ship for 3 years. Our chef had the name Mr. Murat, he was also a skilled professional. All food and drinks created by this man were really of the top level, I even gained some additional weight due to his masterpieces.
Our Daily Program – Yoga Cruise
Yoga class » Breakfast » Leisure time » Lunch Leisure time » Tea party » Leisure time » Agnihotra Yoga class » Dinner » Leisure time
The weather was really very nice that day, it was something about 18 Celsius, there were several clouds in the sky. Everybody admired wonderful view of Marmaris Castle, so there were a lot of surprised exclamations. All people were really very happy and ready for new adventures.
We were also welcomed by Tum Tour Executive Manager on the board of the yacht, that man told a lot of useful information to our group. First of all we chose the most suitable cabins and put our luggage there together with pieces of clothes. All rooms were of the big size and rather luxurious, so it was pleasant to see such comfortable conditions. Every bed welcomed us with a flower, also there were several letter and post card with the keys. Actually, welcome letter contained useful information about our gulet, crew, weather during our trip together with the big list of contacts. Tourist agency did everything very good, so it was a good start of blue cruise Turkey. When we were in our cabin we started to smell delicious dinner. Then the whole group went to back deck and Mr. Tumer instructed all of us, then he left us but promised to make one more briefing about our tour.
The dinner started with the soup, the whole table featured food in enormous quantity, in fact everything was very tasty. Just imagine, you’re having dinner admiring the Marmaris Castle, I’ve already experienced these emotions. We continued examination of the castle tighter with some wine. Our next point was to have a walk around this wonderful city during the evening. We made some sites, saw a lot of clubs and restaurants in the streets, also visited big bazaar and returned back only at 23:00 pm. Soon after this we went to sleep, cause tomorrow we had a lot of things to do starting with yoga early in the morning. Our mission was to wake at 07:30 am, have some tea or coffee and make exercises on the deck.

Yoga Cruise – Rent a Yacht Prices include;

7- day trip on a gullet of your choice
One professional yoga instructor
7 nights accommodations in cabins with private bathrooms
2 yoga session per day
Bed linen and towels
The salary and the service of the crew,
Diesel-oil for sailing maximum 3-4 hours daily,
Yacht laundry,
The utility water,
Sea-port costs, the costs for port of exit, taxes,
Air conditioner for 8 hours per day for the tours chosen with air conditioner.
Also to provide you the best ambiance and best service, prices includes;

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